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Two in a Million: The Ebook Is Here

Five years ago, my book Two in a Million was launched. Publishers A&A Farmar have now made it available as an ebook, with an updated preface chatting about developments since, and including a link to the award-winning short film based on the book, Two Suitcases. The ebook is available at Amazon and Smashwords.

‘You Have To Live With It’

So much of the attention I’ve received during my life, so many of the little pieces of me that are out there in the world – they’re all to do with my illness. It is a universally held truism that a person with a serious illness does not wish to be defined by that illness: we want to be known as ourselves, beyond or outside of the illness. Part of how I coped with Fanconi anaemia as a boy, was dreaming of growing up and becoming a writer, leaving childhood disease behind. Well, now I am grown up, and I am a writer with a few published works, but I haven’t left FA behind. I still live with the disease, but more than that, I find that I can’t stop writing about living with the disease.


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