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Two in a Million - The Book

Book Hits Shelves (no one injured)

from bebo.com/benmurnane, October 2008

Well, we had the book launch just under two weeks ago and copies have now started trickling onto the shelves. It was quite a thrill to see it in the Irish Biography section of Waterstone’s the other day. I felt like saying to the other browsers around me: ‘Hey – THAT’S MY BOOK! I WROTE IT!! WHY AREN’T YOU BUYING IT??!!!’ You could spot the cover from across the room; the front of the book was facing out rather than the spine, making it much more conspicuous.

Er, yeah.

I’ve become a bookspotter!

The launch itself went fantastically well: so many friends and doctors and teachers and relatives and clients of my dad were there, all enjoying the fact that it was Friday and there was free wine!

For me, though, the night remains a blur. This is not, I stress, as some have suggested, due to whiskey – but to the fact that there were so many people that I just spent the whole night shaking hands and signing books and didn’t have time to talk to anyone! One minute I was wandering around the room with my parents and sisters, putting up posters; the next there were 250 people there and speeches were being given, then I was sitting for two hours signing books. When I looked up all but the stragglers were gone.

Not as exciting as being drunk during your own book launch, I know. Perhaps the whiskey would have been more appropriate for a budding Irish writer?


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