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Two in a Million - The Book

Two in a Million: One of Eason’s ‘Best of Irish’

Eason’s, in some crazy act of madness, have decided to list Two in a Million as part of their ‘Best of Irish’ selection. The promotion is listing the best Irish books across a range of categories, and my humble offering is down under ‘Best New Irish Titles’. Beat that, Guy Who Bullied Me In School!

Don’t believe me? Check out the link… www.eason.ie/lists/141?page=2

Two in a Million is also in Hodges Figgis’s Christmas Crackers catalogue, which is very nice.

If you’re really, unbelievably, back-achingly bored, you could also do worse than than check out some of the wonderfully positive press coverage…



‘riveting and beautifully written’ – Sunday Independent 
‘fascinating and emotionally charged… peppered with humour and an almost unsettling level of honesty… This is a remarkable story of an erudite young man’s fight for life’ – Evening Echo, ****
‘an absolutely fantastic book’ – Wendy Grace, East Coast FM



Ben Murnane was born in 1984, and graduated from Trinity in 2008 with a BA in Drama and Theatre Studies. He is the first person with Fanconi anaemia ever to publish a book about his experiences.


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  1. [...] I’m busy as a bee’s bum at the moment but I hope to write something soon enough about the incredible journey I’ve been on since Two in a Million was published last autumn. In the meantime I’ve been posting some of the publicity that’s appeared online to prove to you all how utterly fantastic I am (more: http://benmurnane.com/?p=502). [...]

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