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Perilous Masters

So, it’s been a mad old couple of years really – ever since Two in a Million was published in late 2008 I’ve been doing so much other writing I haven’t even had the time (well, the motivation really, I suppose you could say) to update me little website regularly.

Two in a Million led not only to the next book Dublin on a Shoestring, but also to a deadly job writing for supplements and features with the Irish Independent. It’s mostly the day job that has been taking up my time of late – a very different type of writing to what I’ve been used to all these years. You can take a look at some of my work, and also find evidence that I haven’t been a complete lazy bum, on my Issuu profile (brilliant thing, Issuu).

Then, in some wild act of folly, last September I decided to start studying a one-year full-time Masters in Popular Literature at Trinity College. I am enjoying the course – we get to read porn and comics! – and I do like moving between the two worlds of work and study. But it takes time for extracurricular activities – i.e. updating this site and continuing my own projects – greedily away.

That said, I have been working on a new book which you should be hearing something about very soon, and if anyone is interested in reading advertising features (as I know so many of you are!), be quite sure to check out my Issue site, which is updated regularly enough.


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