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The Blood Line

A little shortfilm on blood donation featuring yours truly

Had a fun experience the other week, got my acting on to do a little interview for this shortfilm about donating blood and where donated blood ends up (in me – as the case may be!). It’s a little promo for the Irish Blood Transfusion Service, filmed by some Masters students at Independent Colleges in Dublin. Look – it’s me standing on a bridge in the sun! And getting on the Luas, which in real life I never get anywhere at all! That’s the magic of the movies for you.

One friend pointed out that the line ‘I need other people’s blood to live!’ sounds a bit dodgy. That’s right, I never had Fanconi anaemia, I’m just a vampire. No wonder I’m doing my Masters thesis on Twilight. Transfusions are where it’s at though, boys, bloodsucking is so last century it’s not even funny.


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