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Dublin on a Shoestring

The Local Way: New Website, New Campaign


The Local Way is a series of travel videos I’ve been involved with for the past two years. Here’s a description from the producers:

From searching for the best baguette in Paris to discovering the perfect cup of coffee in NYC, THE LOCAL WAY is a video series that offers its audience a glimpse into a city’s local life. For the past two years, the producers of THE LOCAL WAY have shot hundreds of hours of HD footage in Dublin, NYC, Paris, and Los Angeles. Each episode, hosted by local experts, features one aspect of a city – “NYC Cocktail Culture” and “Dublin’s Music Scene” providing travelers with tips and insights of the people and places they will encounter on a visit.

I have been presenting the Dublin series with my co-author on Dublin on a Shoestring, Katherine Farmar. The NYC-based producers, filmmakers Amanda Rogers and Stephen Mann, have now launched a new website and and a new Indiegogo campaign to help them raise funds for the next phase of the project. They plan to make an app to accompany the videos – which sounds deadly:

With a click of a few buttons on their mobile phone or tablet device, a user can select“local” information based on the information provided within the video series customized for the Local Way mobile application and use it to travel “the local way.”

Amanda’s story is an amazing one:

A Girl’s Dream to Build a Travel Start-Up

I’ve been working on The Local Way for over 2 years now. It is crazy to think that it has been that long since I first approached our first hosts to do a series I conjured up on a trip to Paris in 2010. Now, Since then, The Local Way, LLC has shot a full series in 4 different cities (New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and Dublin) with some of the best local experts out there, and I am so proud of what we have already accomplished.

So far, we have shot hundreds of hours of material, more than 100 local places & interviews with locals who run local small businesses. … The LOCAL WAY was created because of a love of showing the stories of local people and supporting small businesses around the world through the documentary form.

Please support The Local Way if you can – it’s a really cool project.

And check out me in this video with owner Tom Mulligan of the Cobblestone, chatting about the great sessions at the pub.

BONUS! Here I am talking to Colm Quilligan of the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl about the history of Dublin pubs.


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